UYN Urban Trail Re-Gen White Grey Men's

Size: 41
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UYN Urban Trail Re-Gen White Grey Men's

High cushioning and comfortable Shoes for light trekking and everyday life

Born in the Italian mountains to climb the city, URBAN TRAIL RE-GEN is the technical and sophisticated shoe for urban adventures and trail explorations. The ultra-ventilated three-dimensional knit upper is protected in sensitive areas by a Protective Shield made with regenerated material. This guarantees a perfect combination of comfort and durability for the most demanding hikes. The Powerrail lacing system stabilises and supports the foot. The Urban Trail sole with dual-density rubber, inspired by the ibex hoof, offers extra traction on all terrain as well as a smooth, secure walk.

  • - Ultra-elastic upper with 3D knit technology made with the finest Merino wool to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature

    - From the protective shield around the upper to the EVA super absorbing outsole, 30% of the material used derived from regenerated material

    - Ventilation mesh on the sides and instep ensures excellent breathability of the foot

    - Instep Bandage system reduces the formation of wrinkles under the lacing

    - The Protective Shield protects the upper in sensitive areas. Made of regenerated material, the Protective Shield offers resistance to abrasion and wear, as well as easier cleaning of the shoe.

    - Powerrail technology allows even lacing tension distribution and contributes to perfect shoe stability

    - The mega-cushioning midsole ensures a cushioned landing and a more explosive take-off

    - Urban Trail outsole, inspired by ibex hooves, provides extra traction and stability on any terrain



    The sole design is inspired by the hoof of the ibex, the best climber in nature. Even the smallest ledge is enough for a ibex to find a secure footing. The secret behind it is their hooves: the outer edge of the hoof is made of hard horn. This gives the animal a secure grip. Inside the hoof are soft fat pads that absorb the pressure and release it. Likewise, the outer layer of the Urban Trail sole is made of harder rubber to ensure optimal traction and a secure hold. The inner part is made of softer rubber. This offers optimal grip on wet surfaces and at the same time it absorbs impact forces.


    Based on the hoof shape of even-toed ungulates, the front part of the sole is divided into two. This gives the foot more flexibility for optimal power transmission


    The greatest pressure forces occur at the heel. For this reason, the heel part of the sole is based on a horse‘s hoof. This distributes the pressure evenly around the heel bone
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