CURREX® RUNPRO™ Insoles | Dynamic Insoles for Running Shoes Medium Arch

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CURREX® RUNPRO™ Insoles | Dynamic Insoles for Running Shoes Medium Arch

  • Flexible support and shock absorbing cushioning from heel to toe help reduce fatigue, prevent common running injuries, and boost performance.
  • Dynamic arch support insole with a deep decoupled heel cup fits, wraps and locks the heel in place to improve stability, reduce pressure, and provide a perfect fit.
  • Rebound cushioning and controlled power transmission provide faster regeneration and powerful propulsion with every stride.
  • Performance insoles feature a zero heel drop, providing the best fit in most running shoes with optimized motion for all running foot strikes.
  • Moisture wicking and odor absorbing premium foam cushioning keeps feet dry and running shoes fresh

CURREX® RUNPRO™ insoles were designed to enhance the comfort and fit of your running shoes and sneakers. Great for new and recreational runners, these athletic insoles provide sensational comfort with reduced fatigue, enhanced stability, and faster regeneration for better performance. Improve mile times and go the greater distance with the optimized movement and flexible arch support of CURREX dynamic insoles, the running insoles engineered to keep you running. 

CURREX RUNPRO insoles are available in three dynamic profiles for a customized fit in your shoes: LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. These profiles each boast a different shape, arch height, and flex to adapt to your arch for anatomic support and optimized movement. The shape of your foot and your legs determines which insole profile suits you best.

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