UYN Marengo Grey Men's

Color: GREY
Size: 42
Sale price$199.00


UYN Marengo Grey Men's

Strategically waterproof shoes with merino wool upper

A new level of functionality and comfort for your most dfinamic as well as everyday activities. The UYN MARENGO shoes pair the unique zero-seam upper derived from socks with the high-traction Urban Trail sole, inspired by the hoof of the horse and ibex. Lightweight, extraordinarily thermo-regulating thanks to Merino wool, strategically waterproof with the patented Membrain115 membrane, extra cushioning and responsive: the ultimate shoes for your urban adventures.



Waterproof and breathable at the same time. UYN’s exclusive intelligent membrane sets completely new standards in terms of weather protection, elasticity and wearing comfort. Unlike traditional membranes, Membrain115 does not limit the elasticity of the fabric to which it is paired, allowing it to be flexible and comfortable.


The sole design is inspired by the hoof of the ibex, the best climber in nature. Even the smallest ledge is enough for a ibex to find a secure footing. The secret behind it is their hooves: the outer edge of the hoof is made of hard horn. This gives the animal a secure grip. Inside the hoof are soft fat pads that absorb the pressure and release it. Likewise, the outer layer of the Urban Trail sole is made of harder rubber to ensure optimal traction and a secure hold. The inner part is made of softer rubber. This offers optimal grip on wet surfaces and at the same time it absorbs impact forces.


Based on the hoof shape of even-toed ungulates, the front part of the sole is divided into two. This gives the foot more flexibility for optimal power transmission


The greatest pressure forces occur at the heel. For this reason, the heel part of the sole is based on a horse‘s hoof. This distributes the pressure evenly around the heel bone

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