Haflinger Doggy Earth Slippers Women's

Color: EARTH
Size: 37
Sale price$100.00


Haflinger Doggy Earth Slippers Women's

The Doggy slippers from Haflinger are sure to become your new best friend! The boiled wool upper and lining is not only super soft and cuddly, the natural fiber will keep your feet at a constant temperature by wicking away the moisture while acting as a natural insulator. That means keeping warm in cold weather, and cool in warm weather! The latex molded midsole provides structure and arch support for comfort where you need it most. The outsole is double-felted to give you some extra cushion with each step, and durability for long time wear. After comforting those tired soles with all the comfort features, get some comfort for your "soul" as well with the cute doggy adornment on the upper. The right slipper has the doggy's face and a cute floppy ear, while the left slipper brings up the rear, with tail wagging away. Once you fetch the Haflinger Doggy Slipper, you'll never regret it!


37 (6,6.5)

38 (7,7.5)

39 (8,8.5)

40 (9,9.5)


42 (11)

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