Powerstep Arch Lite Cushioned Insole

Size: K
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Powerstep Arch Lite Cushioned Insole

Full Length Insoles | Light Support for Low/Neutral Arches | Maximum Cushioning | Medium Activity

The PowerStep® ArchLite® full length insoles are perfect for those who require more cushioning and less support. The PowerStep ArchLite insoles offer increased comfort over standard/factory footbeds. The ArchLite features two layers of plush cushioning and a slight contouring for light arch support, but without the signature PowerStep arch supporting shell. The ArchLite insoles cradle the arch and heel while providing light support to limit excess stress on feet, ankles, joints, and tendons.

By combining premium cushioning and a slightly contoured arch shape, the PowerStep ArchLite shoe inserts are a trusted solution to improve foot function and alleviate heel and arch pain, and sore, aching feet.

Ideal shoe type: Athletic (Walking/Running), Casual, Work, & Dress Shoes


A= MENS 4-4.5/WOMENS 6-6.5

B= MENS 5-5.5/WOMENS 7-7.5

C= MENS 6-6.5/WOMENS 8-8.5

D= MENS 7-7.5/WOMENS 9-9.5

E= MENS 8-8.5/WOMENS 10-10.5

F= MENS 9-9.5/WOMENS 11-11.5

G= MENS 10-10.5/WOMENS 12-12.5

H= MENS 11-11.5

I= MENS 12-13

K= MENS 14-15

L= MENS 16+

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