Hey Dude Men's Wally Recycled Leather Carbon

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Hey Dude Men's Wally Recycled Leather Carbon light weight mens slip on shoe

Hey Dude's recycled leather is comprised of pieces of hide that would otherwise typically be discarded during the leather-making process.

How do we make it? We grind up scraps of leather and combine them with fabric before fusing everything into a single material. Finally, the material is placed on a roll for cutting, which improves efficiency (and creates less waste!)

This technique uses about 90 percent less water than traditional full-grain leather and has a far less carbon footprint than conventional leather manufacturing!

This is just one way we're doing our part to be better for our home. And we think we've made some pretty sweet shoes.

This Hey Dude Wally Recycled Leather shoe is all about using recycled leather with fabric for a more eco-friendly product. The great coffee color, pull strings, recycled leather upper and removable memory insole make this shoe stand out above the rest. Order yourself a pair today and become a part of the Hey Dudes family.


Recycled leather with fabric pieces

Soft cotton lining

Removable insole

Memory foam

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